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Personal Coaching 6 Session Package


Any self-development journey begins with the focus on self-discovery. It’s the first stage of understanding the mechanisms of the life we perceive and how we relate to it. Having a basic understanding of how we identify ourselves and how that relates to experiencing the external world is one of Satori Vision’s fundamental teachings and knowledge shares.

Purchase this discounted 6 session personal coaching package now and begin your discovery!


6 Sessions are 30-45 minutes each and are conducted online via zoom, or in person. Recordings of the sessions will be sent you you shortly afterwards. Your First Session will longer about 60 minutes.

This package deal offers the session at a discounted rate of €100.00 per session instead of the normal €120.00.

These sessions must be used within 3 months (so you can schedule in your 6 sessions over a three month period, for example 2 sessions per month). This is necessary, if you wish to experience any shift. If you are unsure, please rather purchase individual sessions at full price.

During the session you will receive specific insight from Snehal based on a metaphysical perspective, and a gives you the chance to dive deeper over a couple of sessions.

The sessions serve as a guide and/or a reflection for you to raise your own awareness and/or implement pattern changes. Snehal’s sessions are unlike any traditional coaching, the focus is on Self Realisation. Self Empowerment and Self Actualisation can be part of the coaching, but not its main goal/aim.  The value of these sessions depend on your commitment, your practice and your willingness to change.