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Personal Coaching Session


Any self-development journey begins with the focus on self-discovery. It’s the first stage of understanding the mechanisms of the life we perceive and how we relate to it. Having a basic understanding of how we identify ourselves and how that relates to experiencing the external world is one of Satori Vision’s fundamental teachings and knowledge shares.

Purchase a session now and begin your discovery!


This session is 60 minutes and will be conducted online via zoom, or in person. A recording of the session will be sent to you soon afterwards.

During the session you will receive specific insight from Snehal based on a metaphysical perspective to your issue, question, and or query.

The sessions serve as a guide and/or a reflection for you to raise your own awareness and/or implement pattern changes. Snehal’s sessions are unlike any traditional coaching, the focus is on Self Realisation.

Come with the willingness to change and an open mind.