Activating and Facilitating Genius Level in Others
The Elevator Pitch

I am often asked the question, ‘what exactly do you do Snehal’?. Although I am no longer defined by what I “do”, and rather by what “I AM”, the most simple answer to the question posed by prospective clients is:  I work on releasing blocks by raising awareness.

These blocks may be mental, physical, or emotional in the case of “people” or “animals”. In the case of business, or other “entities” it may manifest for instance as structural, operational or functional obstacles. Whatever the case may be, a solution is needed, and that’s is when Satori Vision can be of service to help you realise the solution – by activating and facilitating the genius level within. It involves the shedding of the unconscious resistance to a solution, if there is any (and you can be 99.9% assured that there is some sort of resistance, however convoluted it may be in the mind of the entity), as well as igniting the intuitive space in which the solution can be accessed, comprehended and integrated.

This article is created with the aim to share just a few tools and techniques that can be employed to achieve this. Also to share the mechanics at work behind Satori Vision. It is directed at those presently in the training, development, leadership, human resource and teaching /coaching professions, but can be implemented for any individual. It’s focus is on the mental aspect of consciousness but does have some physical and/or spiritual components.

Lets get to it.

1. Definition of Genius The Conventional take on it:

Today, most cognition and neurology scholars would contend considering a person a genius merely because of his or her high IQ.

Though the modern IQ tests claim to calculate agility of 13 main abilities - visual apprehension, spatial apprehension, arithmetic, logic, general knowledge, spelling, rote utilization, intuition, short term memory, geometry, algebra, vocabulary and computational speed - there is a strong bias towards mathematical comprehension. In fact, many standard IQ tests take into account only three factors: mathematics, logic and general knowledge. Not surprisingly, even the scores vary, depending on the test you have taken. Nothing touches or accommodates for Emotional Intelligence (EQ) or an individual’s innate Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

The Conventional take on it

Going by definition, a genius is a person who possesses great intelligence and remarkable abilities in a specific subject or displays an exceptional natural capacity of intellect and/or ability, especially in the production of creative and original work. This entity, successfully applies a previously unknown technique in the production of a work of art, science, or calculation, or who masters and personalizes a known technique. Traits often associated with genius include strong individuality, imagination, uniqueness, and innovative drive.

"A Genius is a combination of three 'I's: intellect, imagination and intuition. Every genius is partially a mystic at heart.” - A.C. Bharadwaj -

a former professor of philosophy at Allahabad University in India

The Metaphysical take on it:

My approach capitalizes on the last sentence of the above paragraph. Genius appears to have at least as much to do with creativity, referred to by professionals as "divergent thinking", as it does with the suite of reasoning, computational, and symbolic manipulation abilities called "intelligence", or "convergent thinking".

Within every-body & mind lies the latent genius potential. It is not just based on one’s intellect but also the natural ability of igniting intuition and higher consciousness within one’s conscious awareness. We all operate at some range of genius on the subconscious level, and once this is activated, it most often surpasses the ‘learned’ knowledge or the beta level of functionality of the mental or physical bodies.

In the conventional context, the whole concept of genius IQ presumes a steady state of intelligence. Clearly however this is not the case. We have strokes or spasms of genius, moments when our brains or minds function at exceptional levels of insight, creativity and invention- our so called “light bulb moments”. Most of the time the brain is just focussed on the incidentals of daily life. It is only when we become purposefully motivated on a specific point or aim that our minds begin to spark.

All humans have these abilities with endless potential.

The probability that this potential is actually realized remains to be explored. The likelihood that the potential is reached shrinks with the onset of various variables and conditions, and I bottle all of them into using the terms ‘resistance’ or ‘blocks’ with reference to this article.

Here we explore the ‘unseen’ factors that hinder the potential with us all to manifest.

2. The Energetics of it

It is most common knowledge by now that our reality is an energetic one. Whether you believe this or not, this is just a fact. Get over it!

A key element in my work as a metaphysician is unlocking the human potential by de-coding and re-coding the energetic fields of the physical and mental structures that influence the thinking and the behaviours, thereby shaping the realities and world view of the entity.

It requires me to be able to sense and adjust electromagnetic disruptions within the conscious and subconscious levels of an entity that is causing some form of ‘suffering’ within the entity. I use the word ‘entity’ here because I wish to broaden the reference to what my service is directed towards. An entity could be a person, a business, an animal, a building, a geographical area and alike.


With reference to sentient beings in specific, energetic distortions may occur in the emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual levels of their realities.

Common issues that surface at these levels and that many of you who are reading this article can relate to, are: physical dis-ease, mental & emotional burnouts, and a general sense of lack in all the prefixed self……worth, confidence, esteem and so forth. The main sticking points boil down to perceived identity and attachments associated to it. All of these energetic distortions have a pattern of ‘spilling over ’or infiltrating from the internal mental and emotional levels out into various external expressions or areas of one’s life, be it career, relationship, finance, social network etcetera.

The good news is that so much has been realised by those who came before us, to put these distortions right. Even better, we can do it ourselves, and where we are unable to, there is someone who can on our behalf because we are all made of the same thing, and we all influence and create our collective reality.

"Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind.” - Ramana Maharshi -

Since my exit from the ‘Matrix’ so to speak back in 2011, the progression of my service to the collective over the last 10 years, from the humble beginnings of my first business [sanctuary holistic treatments] where I served in the healing of the physical energetics of the body through touch, has led to a much deeper understanding and application of energy. Having worked with clients and groups, I learned to develop my energetic capabilities, which naturally led to the unlocking of the capacity to service the correction (healing) of the mental and emotional energetics. In this NOW, service has culminated in metaphysical abilities to restore spiritual healing.

All the above can be initiated by activating and facilitating the genius level in an entity. It may be that I work with someone for just 20 min, and that’s all it takes for them to self-manage, whereas in some cases it requires a little more attention and specific guidance through the choppy waters of mental constructs- where Satori Vision coaching is necessary. Another scenario may require me to visit a physical place to neutralize the energetic imprints (I may not have to physically be there anymore! It can be done remotely). If anything, this past year with travel/social restrictions, the need to be able to project remotely has been a necessity and calls for us all to employ our non-physical energetic abilities.

I invite those who are in a position to do so (those who have been activated and tuned in), to step up the activation and facilitation in others.

For those who wish to start, you may ask “how do I begin to access my own genius level?”

The answer is simple… learning to alter your state of mind.

Altered States of Mind

When it comes to any form of healing* at any level (physical, mental and /or emotional), one’s ability, or level to which one can focus and manifest comes into scrutiny. Collective knowledge and accepted norms so far, agree that meditation is a great tool to harness this ability. It is the most effective starter tool to aid you in altering your brainwave frequencies.

*I use the term healing synonymously with words like correction, rectification, restoration and/or any term to denote “fixing” or “mending” or “dissolving” a problem /block/ resistance etcetera.

Why is it important to alter your brain wave frequencies…..consciously? Well, because at different depths and levels of the mind, you can access and process data differently and with that you can actively influence your thought patterns. Thoughts are random coding of data at varying vibrational intensities, but over time one gets programmed through numerous external conditionings to operate and function within this framework. Almost always these thoughts are fused with some emotion or association to memory, which codes them into a certain frequency.

These thoughts and coded frequencies, if unchecked, can become full belief structures and when those beliefs get challenged, the entity ‘suffers’. I am so over simplifying this, but I wish for you, the reader to grasp the very basic principles of the service offered through the form Snehal and Satori Vision.

If you are doing this on your own, and you wish to clear your frequency, you must address the energetic coding and or programming that is operating within you. Meditation can assist you to conduct some ‘self-enquiry’ into what makes you tick, and have some emotional distance whilst operating at a deeper level of the mind to be able to see (perceive) from a higher perspective.


Meditation can take on varying forms and one can use various techniques. Generally, these techniques can fall into two broad areas (types) of meditation, namely; 1. Dynamic/Active and 2. Passive/Reflective. There is enough ‘out there’ for you to research and acquaint yourself with. Right now that information sits outside the scope of this article.

Here, I would like to just mention that the main aim of meditation, especially at the beginning stages of one’s genius level activation, is to harness the ability to tap into your Third Eye (intuitive) resonance and balance out the full energetic systems as well. These energy systems are traditionally referred to as chakras.

With enough practice, you could function in a waking state but at the theta or delta levels of the mind, and at this stage some may say that you have gained enlightenment. This is when you can detach from all mental & emotional concepts to experience a purer frequency, unbiased and uncoded with limiting belief. With that comes innate wisdom. Enlightenment is not yet Self-Realization, that comes with the dropping of every concept, and identity. This topic also sits outside the scope of this article, so I will re-direct.

If you have adopted a meditation practice, have you been able to move past your own limitations or outdated belief? and have you managed to move beyond the surface level of thinking?

If you haven’t really practiced meditation or even reaped any of its benefits then all the content of this article will either read like fiction to you, or you will get triggered to find out more.

"The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience.” - Albert Einstein -

Having said this much, extensive progress has been achieved in recent years to bring about acceptance and use of mental techniques into the work environment as Awakened Leader’s emerge out into the physical world, either through their own personal development (self-actualization and self-realization) or through structured training systems (for instance, companies or corporate training facilities which use these energetic tools but don’t always make it public knowledge or word it differently to appeal to a wider range of people).

Everyday folk to elite athletes to cultural icons to gurus and practically any expert or master within any field or industry have been known to use their Jedi minds to enhance their performance and sense of wellbeing! So why can’t you?

This knowledge is no longer only reserved for the few and is widely accessible for the many.

Tools used for Activation & Facilitation of The Genius Within.

All the tools and techniques I mention below employ some form of ‘meditation’, even though it may not be classified as such. Likewise, they also employ metaphysical aspects outside the norm of physical laws and venture into quantum mechanics, and depending on the [RECEIVER]’s state of acceptance and openness, the language may be subject to change in order to fit into one’s world view at the time of activation.

As with the mechanics that govern your digital lifestyle today,  you may not be able to, or even want to fully understand (comprehend) the “workings” of the realm of wireless technology, but you USE it regardless and some cannot function without it . So with that same reasoning, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some key areas of scientific and metaphysical fields of study especially dealing with the mental aspect of an entity, the appropriate application or delivery and to which occupation it can benefit -if you are a [GIVER].

You may already be familiar with some of them.

The following can be applied to people:


The following can be applied to people, other sentient beings animal/marine/plant life  and/or places (geographical or structural) and/or, inanimate objects.

second graphic

Developers and practitioners of these methodologies have done all the research, all the learning and understanding, so that you don’t have to. We are coming out of the “information age” equipped with applicable knowledge and wisdom. Our call to service now is to embody all this knowledge and through experience convert the knowledge to living wisdom.

All you can do is be open to using these mediums as you would do your iPad, mobile phone, digital camera, your car, your fridge….. you get the picture.

For those who are inclined to dissect a bit more, or for those who wish to learn the practice, then of course you may want to dive deeper.

In the next section of the article, I do my best to give you an insight on the mechanics behind what I “do” and if you follow intuitively you will recognize the pointing to what I “am”.

"You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself”. - Eckhart Tolle -

3. The Quantum Mechanics of it Distinction between Giver & Receiver

These are terms that I have come up with in very laymen terms for the purpose of distinguishing the points of reference when quantum energetic movement or transfer is taking place. In my work it would refer to the transfer or transmission of energy (in whatever form) between different levels of consciousness. In the most simplest way of explaining what I “do” in terms of activating and facilitating energetic transfer can be stated as:

The [GIVER] is transmitting energy (this energy may take on various forms)

The [RECEIVER] is the recipient of the energetic transfer and integrates it. When this energy is fully integrated, the [RECEIVER] can then become a [GIVER].

For this exchange to be successful, of course it is necessary that the [RECEIVER] be in resonance (by which I mean be at least open and willing if not fully in alignment with the desired exchange- he/she/it must be actively seeking to raise his/her/its consciousness).

At the same time the [GIVER] must be operating (resonating) from the purest frequency, without bias or any self-interest. In both points of reference, it is important to have all resistance addressed and dissolved otherwise the transmission is futile or is temporary. For transformational shift/change to take effect, “the penny must drop” in consciousness of the [RECEIVER]  and he/she/it must have a genuine breakthrough.

We can activate both the [GIVER] & [RECEIVER] by coding the energy (vibrational frequency) to address a specific issue and pin point a specific frequency.

For instance I am creating and designing this article so as to primarily activate the [GIVER] but also to trigger the [RECEIVER].

By giving, one is initiating a process of knowledge transfer using such tools and techniques mentioned above amongst countless others to help entities expand their horizons and up level their consciousness thereby equipping them to better manage themselves and the circumstances they create, addressing their “problems” and to become holistically healthy and well rounded (grounded).

One helpful tool I have come across as a metaphysician and as a coach, (in reference to assisting people in understanding their true desire or motives and values) is to encourage them to explore what they feel their purpose or gift is.

I only use this exercise as a focusing tool and not a defining tool. It is more for reflective or contemplative self-enquiry to get one started or activated, to usher a in a direction of focus, a sort of compass to indicate where their Genius Level could be applied. I use this only at entry level coaching, as I am still working with an ‘individualized’ sense of identity. By this I mean that the entity still perceives itself as a ‘person’. As this entity up-levels itself into higher levels consciousness, the pursuit for defining a life purpose dissolves due to a fundamental shift in identity.

For those who wish to explore life purpose and or gifts, I came across a beautifully narrated outline and description of these by Christin Myrick Shepard.

As each entity achieves success in their physical, mental and spiritual development, naturally they will ripple this effect within their own circles of influence, be it onto their child, partner, parent, sibling, pet, student, colleague, employee, classmate, neighbour, community, country or planet.

Once you have sufficiently gathered momentum and are finely attuned to the energetic fields, personal identity drops away and your soul’s identity merges back into One-consciousness. There is only ONE.

As I continue to operate from pure consciousness and resonance, I find myself un-categorizable in the context of specified job titles or psychological tests. I operate within the multi-dimensional mechanics and adjust to “becoming” whatever is needed in the moment to be of service and benefit for the “other”.


So for instance, if I were to reference Christin Myrick Shepard’s definitions of soul gifts or purpose as outlined in the image above; sourced from her website, I would demonstrate and embody them all. Satori Vision clients can attest to this in their testimonials. One may find me to be a Messenger, and another a Guardian yet another finds me to be a Believer and so forth.

Regardless of any classifications or boxes you may put yourself into (or be put into by others) for the time being, it is all relative, and not the absolute truth. So use any such tools of classification or matrices* as a general outline, but do not be defined by them. It is essential we move past labels.

You will find as you expand your awareness, nothing or everything can be applicable to you, but you no longer operate in a specified box or range or spectrum, you are beyond the concept itself.

This leads nicely into what occurs once you have truly shed your personal identity, as this is the Awakening taking place right now on this planet.

*I am referring to the various aptitude and personality type testing that companies or educational institutes use such as Myers Briggs Test as an example.

4. Shift from Individual to Collective Responsibility

Dropping of the paradigm in which the ‘me’ conscious was highly prioritized and developed in past society and which created a concept of ‘other’ is now the most prevalent action of the collective consciousness.

The old ‘me’ paradigm that gave rise to the concepts of comparisons, competitions, and a distorted value system of finance, politics, society, commerce, healthcare, education and the list goes on and on is being shed. It had its time and place in the evolution of the human consciousness, and we have now outgrown it.


As a critical mass of ‘individualized’ sense of being, transforms to a ‘collective’ sense of oneness, radical shifts are being made in various industries and the planet’s energetic field to accommodate heart-centred ethics, of co-operation, support, compassion, collaborations and healing. This is what is becoming contagious in the hearts and minds of each individual, if anything, that is the one gift that our current global situation is calling for us to take advantage of. This opportunity to transform and transcend the deluded needs of the ‘individual’ or ‘me’ personality.

When the external world is stripped of all its distractions, what only remains is for us to enter into the inner realms from where it all Begins.

I offer metaphysical services to individuals as well as businesses, and I trust that some light has been shed in the creating and reading of this article to expose what I am and what Satori Vision can offer.

How you can be of service: Share this pdf within your networks if it resonates with you, translate it into your own language if you fancy it. Share it even if it does not resonate with you, as it may be of benefit for someone else, and you will serve by being the link.

Please feel free to check out the Introducing the Awakened Leadership Series and the Servicing the Awakening Article as complimentary reading.

If you are interested in working with “me” or explore how Satori Vision can be of service to you, then do not hesitate or delay, get in touch today!.

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