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"I had the good fortune and privilege of meeting Sne a little over two years ago [in 2017]. The moment I laid eyes on her (in this case a thumbnail image on social media) and felt the radiance of Love emitting I knew that this one had the direct experience of encountering God within.

We were immediately drawn to each other, an auspicious connection so perfectly orchestrated by the Love that lives as All. We first met via a Zoom session and then, soon after, at a large retreat in Holland. Our first encounter “in person” was like a timeless reunion of two Hearts that had always known each other, which is certainly the case.
I instantly felt the palpable sense of Love that she radiates and offers so freely to all in her path, including myself.  We spent several beautiful hours and days together and have had more opportunities since then to be together in Holland.
She treats me with such enveloping, unconditional Love. Her heart to serve is so obvious and she demonstrates this in countless ways - through verbal interaction, through silent transmissions, through teaching by living what she teaches, by always caring for the “others’ more than herself.  

Sne is in Love with everyone she meets and is always looking for ways, perfectly crafted, to meet each and every one with exactly what their hearts yearn for.  The experience of the taste of the Love that unceasingly adores every single One, every bit of the Infinite experiencing of unconditional Love appearing as All That Is.
Sne embodies this Infinite Love and the Wisdom that permeates the Same."

Annie Hart


"Sne is a wonderful woman. Soft and powerful in energy and very kind and fun. I was lucky to spend some days with her with the intention of healing me. And I/we had a session on skype as well. She helped me to sink deeper into myself and to allow emotions and certain energies to leave me. And I feel she cleared certain things in the head space if that makes sense. She is wonderful in holding space and helped me with more self-acceptance."

Ayla van Oijen

The Netherlands

"Dear Sne
I feel so much gratitude for your guidance, love and light. This day was perfect for our lights to shine more radiant and powerful. You let go of concepts and followed what was needed to be expressed. I would like to celebrate this creation and thanks you for hearing the call. [Shift your Reality Workshop]
Much love and appreciation"


The Netherlands

"For me, a wisdom session with Sne is like knowing that there is something for me to know, but knowing that I am too cloudy to receive or see what the message is. With Sne the wisdom that is mine to know can arrive through her, with clarity. I experience Sne as very clear, and with that quiet clearness she can pick up what is there for me to receive. It is like having someone tune in to my radio waves and letting me know both what is there for me to hear on my radio and also how to tune in to my own radio station. Like a tuning fork. Sne's tuning fork helps me to come into my own clear vibration, helps me tune to the clarity of my own radio station.

After our session it was like something was unlocking gently in a way that I could not, and did not need to understand. But the quietening and dropping in continued. What Sne said in the sessions with me (I’ve had two now) was entirely coming from a place of what was there for me to hear. We also sat in silence and although I was sitting in silence and opening in and for ‘Myself’ i was also aware that having my hand held as it were was taking me further in to my own wisdom and knowing. Much like a small child learning to walk sometimes like to hold a hand for reassurance.. they are doing it all themselves, and eventually they just let go and know that they have got it!"

Nina Johnson

Germany/ United Kingdom

"In my personal experience, working with Sne was a true pleasure, she is a gentle and kind person who has been of great help in guiding and supporting my spiritual journey in multiple ways, I have enjoyed our one to one sessions and her guided meditations. I can truly recommend working with her for anyone who needs some guidance, she always knows the best way/technique to get you further in your personal journey. "

Carolina Villa

The Netherlands / Colombia

"Dear Sne, this is referring to our one on one zoom session conducted in March 2019.

I was at a transitioning stage of my personal life when Sne showed up and offered a coaching session with me. The time spent with Sne online was heartfelt and transparent. The messages from Sne’s magical smile and voices were timely and affirmative. The experience was absolutely beneficial to me, and I could not express my gratitude enough to go through the shift. 

Yes, Helena would not hesitate to refer Sne to anyone who would be lucky to be exposed to her coaching.

Love and light always,"

Helena Xu


"Snehal is one of those rare guides / coaches who touches your heart while also giving clear guidance. Her humble, genuine and professional approach are well balanced and ground-breaking. 

She can truly make a difference for you if you wish to drop all that is no longer needed and become a better version of yourself.
Booking sessions with her means you can expect profound healing and growth on multiple levels. She has a versatile skill set that is applied both physical as well as metaphysical. With her gifts she creates immediate and profound results allowing you to increase your vibrations and become more pure instantly. 

No matter what your story, desires or challenges are, Satori Vision is there to assist and guide you through whatever is most relevant at that moment. I highly recommend giving yourself this precious gift of coming home in yourself. "

Laurine van Laren

The Netherlands

"Have you ever sat in the presence of gentle, peaceful, serene awareness?  Snehal is that presence. Her eagle's eye perspective has helped me see that most of the things I get so wrought up about are really quite small and inconsequential when viewed within the larger context. This has allowed me to let go with more grace and naturally rise to a higher vibration. She validates the things I already know, the things that I deny or obscure from myself either consciously or unconsciously. Now, it would be nice if I could remain in this space all the time, as she does. But my human self needs reminders, and that's what sessions with her are for. "

Jill Tremlett Large


"[Shift your Reality workshop] hosted by Sne was literally out of this world. If you ever get a chance to join a workshop led by this Being, you must go. In deep appreciation for the co-creation and love shared."



"I know Snehal for almost 8 years and I can assure you that she is a human being with incalculable value. I have witnessed her followed path to increase her knowledge and abilities has a holistic therapist, always with the goal to help the others.

As a friend and a professional I always received unconditional support and commitment, she was crucial for me to overcome very difficult moments of my life.

I highly recommend Snehal as a professional, she deserves all my respect and trust. I wish all the best for her Satori Vision project. "

Ana Sofia Lourenço Pires


"I love working with Sne. She is generous and very easy to talk to. She loves sharing her knowledge with everyone and I have learned a lot from her.  She is kind and caring towards others and she is one of the best people I know.

Charmaign Castro

London, UK

"It’s been such pleasure connecting with Sne. Her open-heart, humbleness and heart in pure love makes it easy in flow to drop into heart around Sne. Her healing skills goes right where it’s needed. I Highly recommend her."



"Working with Snehal has been unlike any work I’ve ever done with other coaches and healers—it’s almost hard to find the right words for it. Her presence alone is healing, and she has the most incredible ability to channel the precise guidance and wisdom you need in the moment. On top of that, she’s just a joy to work with—such a loving light! I recommend Satori Vision to any and everyone who is seeking to find their true path."

Michelle Colston