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Becoming Obsolete

The Matrix What is it like when a version of you becomes obsolete? Well, a new version emerges, and then...
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Activating and Facilitating Genius Level in Others

The Elevator Pitch I am often asked the question, 'what exactly do you do Snehal'?. Although I am no longer...
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Introducing the Awakened Leadership Series

What's Coming Up This series will be asking you to dive deeper into the hot topic of what True Leadership...
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Servicing the Awakening

Call to Action As the old paradigm continues to dissolve, we find ourselves at the edge of a new state...
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Why we make them and why so many of us cannot sustain them What is it about the promise of...
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Healing Heart

From Mending a Broken Mind to Healing a Fractured Heart As I sat in meditation this morning to address the...
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Shedding Of Identity

"YOU WEAR A THOUSAND FACES, TELL ME WHICH IS YOU?" This lyric from the rock group Creed says it all....
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