Why we make them and why so many of us cannot sustain them What is it about the promise of a new year, a new beginning that makes us want to change? Why is there a mass focus at the start of each year, where millions of us wish not to repeat the patterns from

Healing Heart

From Mending a Broken Mind to Healing a Fractured Heart As I sat in meditation this morning to address the lingering sadness I have been feeling for the past few days, I became aware of such a profound happening; the realization that I was still carrying old wounds in my heart. I have been focused

Shedding Of Identity

“You wear a thousand faces, tell me which is you?” This lyric from the rock group Creed says it all. In our daily lives we are so accustomed to portraying various versions of our personality, and identifying with them, that we lose connection to who we truly are. Remembering that you are not your body