Servicing the Awakening
Call to Action

As the old paradigm continues to dissolve, we find ourselves at the edge of a new state of being. How we conduct our businesses and deliver our services comes into greater focus. There is a new demand unfolding, and we are the suppliers.

Are you ready? Are you willing to let it all go? Are you shifting with the times?

Aligning yourself with the highest intention to be of benefit to all is now paramount. Those who still hold onto material gain and power will struggle and soon become obsolete. People, communities and industries are evolving. The truly awakened leaders are stepping out and into their roles with ease and grace.

Now is the time to delve into heart based service. What does this mean? It means to perform and deliver from a centre of self-awareness that is void of any judgment, competition, separation, or ego centric attributes. As each one takes up the opportunity to self-develop during these paradigm shifts, productivity in whatever industry one may be in, expands and evolves into intuitive outpouring of understanding, compassion, collaboration and mutual benefit.

If anything, the past year has shown us what we are capable of, even in the seeming moments of defeat or struggle, we are still here, we are thriving better than before, if you believe that you are not, then you are not, if you believe you can and are, then you are and can. So simple it is to manifest what one can desire, so the question now is What does one desire?

As 'consumers' are awakening, their 'needs' are also to be met at the higher level of consciousness. Business and services are made of people, and people will drive forward the next chapter in global economics. Let’s be open minded to 'how' and 'what' this world view will be and actively shape it with our heart centred intentions and deeper states of consciousness.

May these words reach those who need them, and for those who inspire to BE.

2021 is calling forth all your gifts and talents for the benefit of the planet and all that co-exists within it. Are you in?