Introducing the Awakened Leadership Series
What’s Coming Up

This series will be asking you to dive deeper into the hot topic of what True Leadership means in our current micro and macro environments. Moving beyond the safety of the known and inviting you to tap into your innovative and intuitive abilities in order to manifestation and re-design a reality where all benefit and all contribute to the up-levelling of civilization.

Are you just regurgitating knowledge from a textbook or some videoclip, are you a walking-talking-thinking fallacy?


Have you managed to shift your perceptions? Have you managed to grow and develop your consciousness? Have you been able to convert your knowledge into wisdom through actual experience and insight?

Leadership is no longer reserved to those with fancy titles and positions or ranks. Whether you are a parent, an educator, a team captain, a social worker, a sweeper, a CEO, a therapist, a healer, a soldier, an athlete or a babysitter, you can be a leader in which ever field you play in. Titles or occupational labels are mere reflections of intellect and/or tasks delivered to attain a certain output using certain skills and competencies and in most cases for some form of remuneration or reward. This type of functioning of the mind and body does not even begin to unearth your capabilities as a human-Being.

The series is directly inviting YOU at an individualized level as well as a calling to the HR tier within companies to reflect on what Self-Development is and how this initiates Self-Realization. To employers & change makers, this is an invitation for you to contemplate how you can actively help your people, especially those who are seeking self-development within their occupational fields but also searching in a broader sense and aspect of being-human. How this will impact community, economy & industry and society as a whole for the better.

This series is not for the faint hearted, and it will naturally not resonate with anybody who does not want to look deeper. This is also understood and accepted within the programmed framework of belief structures, individual and corporate identities and acceptable norms in those established world views which do not accommodate what this post points to.

This series calls on those who have or are in the process of moving beyond these outdated programs/paradigms and who have been quietly developing their higher consciousness, to come out and step up. It is your time. Offer this actualized wisdom in your service as you embody it throughout your daily life.

Are you ready for the shift? Coming soon……

The first in the series is titled: Activating and Facilitating Genius Level in Others

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