Healing Heart
From Mending a Broken Mind to Healing a Fractured Heart

As I sat in meditation this morning to address the lingering sadness I have been feeling for the past few days, I became aware of such a profound happening; the realization that I was still carrying old wounds in my heart.

I have been focused for some time (some years) on detoxify my mind, and have gained so much clarity, stability and insight. Now at this moment my ever increasing awareness has led my attention to the matters of the heart. As collective consciousness moves into a heart centered base of reality, it is only natural that I, as an individual consciousness be in resonance with this frequency.

Many years ago, I visited with an enlightened soul, who just told me I needed to heal my heart. At the time, I was very much attached to my mental concepts and to outward circumstances, so ‘healing my heart’ really did not seem to be useful advise. So I didn’t truly understand what she was guiding me to.
As I have been shedding mental attachments, that advise has come full circle now, I dive deeper into shedding attachments held in the heart.

Up to now the only conscious work I have done on my heart is to raise frequency of compassion, forgiveness and to be more aware of my heart itself. I can admit that I may have been superficial in acknowledging deeper wounds or attachments I am still holding in my heart. Perhaps I have been in denial for so long, but now that I have found some peace, all that is held in the heart is being revealed to me. Time to deal with it.


I have found that emotional healing is a matter of reconciliation and release. Compassion and forgiveness play an integral part. I have come to notice that any thoughts, or beliefs that are held in our emotional body are charged by the intense energy and magnetism of the heart. We don’t carry hate or love in our minds, but they reside in the heart.

The mind takes its instruction from the heart. Attachments (that no longer serve you) to people, places, conditions situations, memories, emotions, and such, which still linger in your heart need to be exposed and released.

The power to heal comes from recognition of the true Self. Identifying with the pain only leads to more pain. In my personal example, I have been identifying with a belief of lack, which I am holding in my heart and not in my mind. There is still some heartbreak, from some circumstance that I can’t put my finger on, but a strong awareness has risen in me to know that this is the cause of my sadness. By identifying with this lack belief, I have disconnected temporarily with the true Self. As I write these words, I don’t even believe that this is true. One can never disconnect with true Self or Source.

But it’s a matter of explanation here, that I have been focusing too much on identifying with something that is not true. Just this awareness is helping me lift my vibration, and I will take my cue from the heart as to what needs more attention and what is ready for release. I understand now, that part of my problem has been in denying my heart, ‘sweeping’ some emotions under the carpet so to speak. Acknowledging what lies in your heart is a key to healing it.

I hope that my discovery today helps you to have courage and strength to heal the matters of the heart. Dissolve all lower frequency emotions that you are holding onto, its time to move on.

With love and light,