Shedding Of Identity

This lyric from the rock group Creed says it all. In our daily lives we are so accustomed to portraying various versions of our personality, and identifying with them, that we lose connection to who we truly are. Remembering that you are not your body or your thoughts, will aid in keeping you aligned with your true essence. Don’t forget that you are an energetic being.

Facing ourselves and the fears that hold us back from truly expressing our essence is crucial if we wish to portray our authentic selves. Stop the pretence or facade and become aware of what or who you are portraying. Is this really you? Without a doubt, you will feel vulnerable and anxious as soon as you begin to drop false perceptions of yourself. Nevertheless, I assure you that with time, you will experience a sense of freedom and wellbeing which will surpass any discomfort in exposing your true self, your light. Stand strong in your awesomeness.

I have spent a good part of a year re-branding my spiritual business and writing my very first book. Most of my focus was guided into establishing a brand and looking into how to launch myself into the wider world. As I wait for all the platforms to be built and my online presence to be revealed, I come to realize that the profile I have spent so much time in building isno longer a personalized version of who I am. I am moving away from identifying with an individual perception of self.


I started this whole process with the drive and calling to become visible. To share the teaching and wisdom that I have come to know and experience. Most of my time, over the past few years, has been spent dissolving my limited beliefs and overcoming my mental distortions on what the outcome needs to be. Sometimes I lost my sense of purpose or intention along the way.

Now, that I am on the edge of birthing my website, relaunching my social media channels, announcing my book and introducing new workshops and retreats, I find myself experiencing a state of detachment from the profile of Snehal Shah. I have rather come to appreciate it as another forum or platform through which interaction can take place.

Today I come to fully realize that I am not totally Snehal Shah and all this is not about me. I am the non-dynamic and eternal, as well as the dynamic and limited person in a particular body. I am you, I am everything and I am nothing. I am awareness and consciousness itself and beyond that. To be honest, I cannot give you a concrete description. It’s just Being.

As my individual self comes to reconcile all that needs to be shed, my higher self takes over. I am immersed in the service and facilitation of collective awakening. Whilst I am in this apparent limbo state, I sit with peace in the knowing that all is as it should be.

With eternal love and light,