Becoming Obsolete
The Matrix

What is it like when a version of you becomes obsolete? Well, a new version emerges, and then that one becomes obsolete and the cycle continues in the arena of space and time. This can be easy to observe on the superficial level of the physical realm such as our body grows and ages, the trends and fads of fashion, and the surge and ebb of technology. This cycle is evident in practically any arena of life and industry. It is also true for our macro and micro environments as seen in the cosmos such as the burning stars, right down to the cellular level of all living things.

In this blog, I speak to our superficial sense of Self. The masks and versions of our identity that we create to relate and interact with the external world. What we say, or don’t say, how we look, how we behave, what career we follow, what and how we eat, drink, dress, walk, talk, stand, sleep and so forth…you get the picture. It all comes down with a decision being made, and once it has been made, the choices that follow, will align to this decision. However subtle it was, conscious or unconscious.

Most of our decision making abilities have been “outsourced”.  At first through necessity, to our parents, then our education systems, our social networks, media marketing, news networks, celebrities, communities, cultural customs and norms, religion and of course to our perceived leaders that govern.

We stopped (largely due to our conditioning and programming) listening to our inner sense of Self. Most likely because even if we did, we did not yet have the courage to act on our gut, we instead doubt if the inner dialogue can be trusted as so much distortions from memory and/or emotional anchors come up. We gave up our trust to define our Self to an external source, and we do our utmost to live by that reflection, so desperate to fit in and yet at the same time wanting to stand out. And of course if that reflection is one of constant low esteem, criticism, suffocation, negativity, victimhood, blame, jealously, punishment, prosecution, bias, exclusivity, lack, competition, and so forth…….you get the picture… then we are doomed.

To break out of this (should a version choose to do so) is to establish one’s reality in that which has no version, is not a product of circumstance or an object of perception or the subject of phenomena. When there is no ‘you’ at all.

This has been the path of consciousness shedding its skin, moving back into itself, and away from its own manifestations. For the past forty three years and especially in the last ten years, the consciousness in the shape and form of this body (named by elders as Snehal) was in an accelerated cycle of its own, shifting through all perceived realities and identities. It has emerged in the last two years saturated with clarity. The working of the multiverse and the no-thingness all merged. Realized and stable, this form moves and speaks, yet there is no version at play.

Does the sentence above scare you or interest you?

 It has been documented, all versions who merge back into the absolute have similar experiences. It has been stated as an awakening, through a process of mini experiences of enlightenment. The discovery of the truth is as ‘personal’ as it can get, with each version realizing itself in unique ways.

For this version, it has been the same. It cannot speak about it. It can only Be.

So how to navigate the realm of form and time, without conforming to it? Well, by dropping the concept that you have to navigate at all. Moving through the worlds, knowing the illusory nature of it all, makes ‘living’ in it, a wonderous expression of Self. There is no investment in the form, structure and conceptual phenomena, in stead one ‘sees’ only itself.

How does a simultaneous ‘other’ version interact with its realized version of Self especially in the realm of duality?   The answer is simple; through resonance.

One version can feel its truth in the Presence of the realized version. It will only experience resistance or non-resonance in accordance to its level of identification to form, belief structures and concepts, and delay the recognition of itself for another cycle. It will inevitably merge back into itself when the suffering caused by the delay of recognition overrides itself. This is true and observable on a superficial level, where wanting to “fit in” or joining in into some common social or work grouping, be it the type of music you like, the hobby you love, the career network you subscribe to etcetera, etcetera…you get the picture.

 A version will always gravitate to like charged frequency, so as to tune in and assimilate. What version are you in now, and what do you gravitate towards?

Only through what has been experienced by Self as truth, can this statement be made: I as the version Snehal, enjoys the realm of duality and embodiment of physical characteristics, I as the Self is indifferent.

The form version- Snehal- is now only a mechanism for reflection and transmission. Its only function as a version is to resonate Truth of Self and allow resonance to occur.

This is its only purpose, this is its only offering and when the ‘time’ is ripe, it too will become obsolete again in the temporal reality of duality. If deemed necessary an upgraded version will emerge.

Gone Rogue : 10 years since exiting the ‘matrix’

The person Snehal, wanted to write a timeline story of the last decade (as to mark the 10 year milestone since she left the conventional version of herself in March 2011), in the light of ‘her’ awakening. She wanted to trace the past, and share images of all the people she met, and places she travelled to and the evolution of ‘her’ consciousness. She intended to end the blog with a remembering of the mystical insight she received way back in 2002 whilst hiking the Inca Trail (Peru) that came full circle on her hike in Harz National Park (Germany) in 2020 while the outer world was in lockdown. For those into numerology……two’s and zeros marked this Snehal’s version for awakening activation and full assimilation.

Sne 2002 - 2020
Sne 2002 - 2020

Yes it would be ‘nice’ to share all that this version of me has been through and experienced since my awakening occurred, to be able to share so that others could ‘relate’. However the motives were not pure and nor was it going to be to the full benefit of the reader, it was clear the ego was making its last ditch attempt for recognition, validation and praise for ‘its’ achievements.

However as I sat down to create the blog, the utterances at the top of the page is what were deeply felt and transcribed by true I. A complete detachment with the story of the person, even from the identification with the form/person seemed so very far removed, making the original blog idea inconsequential. All credit if any, is to be given to Source; the truth that IS.

What will benefit the reader is the Truth. Without bias, I can only embody this realized Truth and trust that you will recognize it, as I once did.

As you shed your own versions, know that I see you as the Truth you are. I see past the duality, I am we, we are the me that is timeless.

Satori Vision is but one representation in the world of form that is here for you, it is you, and it is your own return back to your-SELF.

I sends you love, courage and light in your discovering. Peace to all, peace my dear beloveds, is within, ALWAYS.