Why we make them and why so many of us cannot sustain them

What is it about the promise of a new year, a new beginning that makes us want to change? Why is there a mass focus at the start of each year, where millions of us wish not to repeat the patterns from the year before! We often stumble as the weeks edge into the year, the initial excitement and motivation for making a change dwindles, and soon enough we are back in our old set patterns. Apparently the commitment and desire was not enough to sustain us.


Our greatest mistake is to make a resolution halfheartedly, and not believe that we can do it in the first place. So we set ourselves up for failure and repeat the cycles. We get frustrated and scold ourselves for not being able to do it. But this does not have to continue, you can break the cycle and you can achieve your new beginning.

The biggest shift that needs to take place is within you, your belief and your attitude. Nothing is missing, you are the best version of you in each moment. Embrace this. Grow and flow with it. Don’t be so hard on yourself.  It’s simple, give yourself permission to make a change, any change. Pick one thing, commit to it fully, see it through and in time you will be able to take on another. The key is to renew your resolution each day, adjust it and progress with it as the day becomes a week, a month and finally you will come to find that you have completed another year. It’s in our essence to want to develop ourselves and to feel better, to do better, to BE better. It’s a natural desire.


At the same time, it is also in our benefit to appreciate who we are right now, how we have come to be, and what we can let go of. Always allow the space for reflection. I have found that resolutions can be made regardless of time. We tend to do these after a period of reflections at the end of year cycle, however you can make the same at the end of a day cycle, a week cycle, and month cycle. In some amazing cases, I have met people who make a life change after the end of an hour session of deep reflection. I’m always hoping that they do, and when it happens, I feel the energetic resonance of a soul aligning with who it truly is. Only love and joy and uncontrollable laughter ensues after the realisation has been made. I am privileged to have witnessed it happening in a café, at a meditation retreat, on a lake, at the office during a lunch break, at the cinema, in my home, and best of all at a bus stop! Its about connecting to yourself, and dropping all the distractions that take you away from achieving your desires. We all get so caught up in the doing of things, we give little space for the being, the quite moments to shed the past and create a new start. There is no fear, or excuses when this awakening happens, just a stupid smile comes over you and you cant help but get going! You cant wait to totally immerse yourself into the life you wish to live. Each and every moment is an opportunity for you. You choose when its right for you! Do more of what you love! I wish you great new beginnings, and the love to see them through to manifestation.

Enjoy your creative abundance.

With love and light, Namaste.