Snehal’s corporate career spans back three decades in various industries such as Retail, Shipping, Hotel & Tourism, Construction & Engineering, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals just to name a few. Her last employer being The United Nations; The International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia  where she served as an analyst prior to starting up her own spiritual business. She worked predominantly in the field of Human Resources, Research and Development, Marketing and Sales, Management, Guest Relations, Recruitment & Training and Analytical Research. These are still the arena’s in which her contribution continues, be it somewhat of a higher frequency now and without bias from any “person-identity’’ complex.


Formal Education:

University of South Africa

Degree in: Bachelor of Business Administration (majors in Human Resources, Industrial Psychology)

Pretoria, South Africa

Continued Professional Education:

 Currently Enrolled: March-Oct 2021

Certification in Core Energy Coaching, Energy Leadership Core E. Dynamics Coaching specialised in Executive Coaching.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Certification in NLP Master Practitioner, Master Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Workshop Instructor, Weight-loss Master Coach

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Certification in Holistic Life Coaching & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Athens, Greece

Certification I & II in: Self I-dentity through Ho'oponopono

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Certification in 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Multi-Style

Dharamshala, India

  • Dr Sundar- Indian Society or Development of Integrated and Alternative Medicines

Certification in: Ayurveda Therapy & Ayurveda Nutrition

Coonoor, India

Diploma in Raynor Massage, Combined Healing Techniques of Eastern Holistic Medicine

London, England.

Introduction to Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism- Meditation, Buddhist Studies and continuous   study

Dharamshala, India

Reiki I , Reiki II, Reiki lll -Master, Natural Healing

Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Books: (this is by no means the extensive list!) Just a few highlights.

Conquer your Circumstances, the Art and Practice of Metaphysics by Snehal  

A New Earth & Power of Now By Eckhart Tolle

The Calling & Oneness by Rasha

The Nisargadatta Gita by Pradeep Apte

You can Heal Yourself by Louise Hay

Ask and it is Given by Abraham Hicks

Think and Grow Rich by Naploeon Hill

Before I Am, White Fire and Mala of God by Mooji

The Course in Miracles + Teacher workbook by Helen Schucman.

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh

The Divine Matrix- Gregg Braden

The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn

The Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde