Online Wisdom Sessions

Snehal is offering a personal guidance session for those seeking to deepen their Self-Inquiry. This here and now is the opportune moment to dive into realising the true nature of who or what you really are.

This offering is suited for those who sincerely desire to elevate themselves and experience a shift in consciousness in real “time”.

Details of the offering: a 45 min online video call via Zoom (donations welcomed)

During the session you will receive specific insight from Snehal based on a metaphysical perspective to your issue, question, and or query.

The sessions serve as a guide and/or a reflection for you to raise your own awareness and/or implement pattern changes. Snehal’s sessions are unlike any traditional coaching, the focus is on Self Realisation.

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Snehal will get in touch with you within 24 hrs via your preferred mode of contact to set up a time and date for your video call. Please make sure you have zoom installed on your device* prior to session date, thank you.
*Devices= mobile phone, or Ipad, laptop or desktop computer.