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Global Conscious Entrepreneurs Book


This book has reached #1 bestseller status in USA, Canada, Australia and The Netherlands.

In this book, Snehal  has collaborated with 48 other conscious entrepreneurs in sharing her own journey and spiritual path and to fulfilling her purpose. May this book be the inspiration and validation for you to manifest your own conscious business, service and /or offering for and to the collective.

As your read the stories compiled in this book, you will find the overarching themes and challenges faced by us all. As individual consciousness is awakening, the subject matter and perspectives shared in this collaborative book, only deepens and integrates, that which has brought you to its pages.

If you resonate with Snehal’s, chapter “Let this Life be for Freedom”, feel free to connect with her directly and schedule an introductory call with her to explore yourSelf.



Curated by Dame Marie Diamond, this book will show you all the many ways in which the Global Conscious Entrepreneur can change the world, one customer at a time.

This book is also available on Amazon, however full transparency, Snehal will only receive a small affiliation rate, if you purchase the book with here specific links, posted on the “The Vision”  page of this website.

Alternatively you can purchase the book here on this website and support Snehal directly. Thank you.

Thank you for your generous support and for your participation in this conscious movement, and just through sheer association with me and Marie Diamond may you be blessed with all the power and spirit of this movement. 🙏🌸🎉