Conquer Your Circumstances

Master the art and practice of metaphysics. Learn how to manage life circumstances, release resistance and stay balanced. Ultimately you will begin to understand and know at a fundamental level that there are no problems or circumstances you cannot conquer.


This book serves as a practical guide to those who wish to experience profound change. It outlines a few cosmic principles or laws that you can harness to improve and upgrade your life.

By activating, observing, understanding and implementing the cosmic laws which are metaphysical in nature and go as deep as you can go, you will find that everything is energy and this energy vibrates and has a frequency. Learning to work with, read, translate and transform energy, its vibrations and its frequency is like learning a life skill. This skill can be used to solve your problems and help you move beyond your suffering.

It will equip you with the knowledge, tools and techniques not only for developing and empowering yourself, but also for raising your consciousness and altering your perceptions. You will become the change you so desire. Snehal has developed the 3’ T model to guide you through the metaphysical journey for transformation, transition and transcendence. This journey will culminate in you experiencing a truly authentic, fulfilling, joyous and abundant life.

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Conquer Your Circumstances

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An expert in using metaphysical modalities, Snehal introduces, teaches and facilitates a process of knowledge transfer, equipping people with tools and techniques to help them achieve their desired outcomes. She has a background in business administration, and has since shifted into holistic healing and now teaching. She is a Master NLP and Reiki practitioner with certifications in Ayurveda, Yoga and Holistic Massage.