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Individual Quantum Coaching 6 Sessions


These are stand alone coaching sessions which can be purchased per session (€120.00) or at a discounted price of 6 sessions (€660) or 10 sessions (€1000).

These type of sessions do not follow a structured coaching program like the I AM or the JEDI coaching offerings and rather will benefit those who wish to have a few sessions to make a shift. Ideal for those wanting to tune into manifesting, transforming and/or have a need for clarity and would like support in implementing immediate action plans and strategies to shift to the next stage.

You are invited to come to each session with a specific topic or goal you wish to explore.


60 min session via online or in person

Recording will be sent shortly after your session ends

Please note: Once you purchase these sessions, a coaching contract will be emailed to you.  You must sign and return it to us (digitally) prior to the start of your first session. Thank you.