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Satori Vision Masterclass: Limiting Beliefs, Assumptions & Interpretations


In this specific masterclass you will have the opportunity to dive into and raise the quality of your own coaching abilities and skills to distinguish between limiting beliefs, assumptions and interpretations that influence us as well as our clients. These blocks can be transformed, better yet transcended with quantum coaching mechanics.

Topic: Deciphering and then Coaching Limiting Beliefs, Assumptions & Interpretations

RECORDING AVAILABLE: Link to the recorded session will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.


This Masterclass is suitable for any coach, trainer and mentor who wishes to brush up and expand their coaching skills. What make these masterclasses stand out, is the metaphysical diagnostics and quantum perspectives that are highlighted and can be made use of in practical terms.

Snehal has been conducting masterclasses within various professional coaching networks and has been asked to mentor smaller groups as more and more are being exposed to her work. She has also been facilitating and hosting masterminds in various community and professional networks all coming from the quantum angel. It’s all about the energetics with Snehal!. She is now expanding the knowledge and activation within others, especially those who are resonating with this pioneering work in mainstream coaching, training and personal development arena.

Masterclass flow

Segment 1: Intro

Segment 2: Limiting Beliefs

Short break

Segment 3: Assumptions

Segment 4: Interpretations and Buttons (Triggers)

Short break

Segment 5: Q&A

Close and End of Masterclass

Recorded Live on 20 Nov 2022.